Team Details

Shea Spruill Chief Operating Officer

Shea Spruill is our Chief Operating Officer and has extensive experience in healthcare operations. He has managed operations and start up processes for de-novo healthcare groups, for established laboratories and has helped expand the testing operational capabilities for hospital groups. He has established multiple laboratories and has managed the planning, budget, buildout, staffing and operations of those projects. Additionally, he has overseen the regulatory compliance for said projects across multiple regulatory bodies including CLIA, COLA, CAP and the Joint Commission. Having a long laboratory industry experience, he has worked across a broad segment of positions and understands the field at a 10 foot to 10,000 foot view. Shea holds a degree in biology from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and has his MT (AAB) certification. When not in the lab, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. He can often be found at his children’s soccer and volleyball games, or fishing from a dock. He enjoys giving back and volunteers at his kid’s elementary school, as an advisor to the school district’s bond committee and as a mentor for undergraduates at his alma mater.


Undergraduate: Southwestern University, 2007




Medical Technologist (AAB)