Healix Pathology, LLP

Yeni Parga

Laboratory Manager, Healix Pathology, LLP

Experienced allied health professional responsible for supervising and operating and maintaining complex analyzers ensuring laboratory results of each patient are accurate and timely. A graduate student looking to acquire up to date skill sets, strong team-player abilities, build and maintain communication to maintain a smooth workflow. Aligning strong work ethic to sound company values and achievable goals towards patient centered testing.


  • Aptima Combo assay using Hologic Tigris Direct Tube Sampling for Chlamydia Trachomatis /Neisseria Gonorrhoeae testing.
  • Diagnostic testing with The COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® unit used for HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV viral load testing and reflex testing.
  • Automated buccal extraction using QIAsymphony and DSP DNA kit
  • Quantification using Tecan NanoQuant microplate software reader and plate. Automated normalization using Tecan Evo and LIMS system
  • OpenArray workflow with the QuantStudio 12K Flex System for pharmacogenetic testing
  • PCR amplification, PCR clean up by exo-sap, cycle sequencing clean-up by Big-Dye terminator; Sanger sequencing by capillary electrophoresis ABI 3730, Sequencing data analysis by Mutation Surveyor
  • MLPA confirmation by MRC-Holland, Capillary electrophoresis using ABI 3730; MPLA analysis using GeneMarker Software
  • CNV confirmation by Multiplex PCR, Carrier confirmation CNV testing by Fluidigm 96.96 Dynamic Array; CNV data analysis using Biomark output file and Fluidigm Gene Expression Analysis software

an innovative and simple platform ...

  • High-throughput SNP genotyping confirmation by Fluidigm 96.96 Dynamic Array, SNP data analysis using Biomark output file and Fluidigm Genotyping Analysis software
  • Confirmation by Illumina Whole-Genome Genotyping microarrays; SNP genotyping Data analysis using GenomeStudio
  • Cross trained in Cytogenetics-FISH training on a wet bench. 
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing data using statistical methods.
  • High-throughput RPP/Covid-19 testing on Luminex Biomerieux Easymag platform
  • High-throughput Antibiotics Resistance panel on Quantstudio 12K flex
  • Aries Molecular Diagnostic Platform for In Vitro Diagnostics and assist in validated LDT 
  • High-throughput Covid-19 panel on Quantstudio 7 flex using TaqPath and extraction with KingFisher
  • High-throughput Covid-19 panel on Quantstudio 5 using saliva


University of Houston-Downtown, College of Business, Houston, Texas  

  • Master of Business Administration- Leadership August 2021 

University of Texas School of Health Profession, Houston, Texas  

  • Molecular Genetics Technology ASCP(MB), August 2013



Laboratory Manager Healix Pathology LLP
Bellaire, TX  January 2021-present

  • Manage the daily operations of assigned laboratory personnel to ensure that specimens are properly shipped and received, tests are performed accurately and efficiently, and results are reported in a timely manner.
  • Perform pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical test process and evaluate results produced relative to the diagnostic assessment.
  • Evaluate data for accuracy and verify any questionable finding with proper documentation, thorough investigation, and appropriate follow-through: ensure that acceptable levels of analytic performance (quality controls) are maintained through the testing process and that patient results are not reported until all corrective actions have been taken and the test system is functioning properly.
  • Assist with designing processes and procedures to ensure efficient turn-around time and accuracy of results.
  • Coach and mentor staff on technical expertise, identify training needs, assure that technical staff receive regular training and education appropriate for the type of tasks performed and evaluate employee competency.
  • Engage in continuous process and service improvement. Make and implement recommendations to improve operational efficiency, and accuracy of results
  • Ensure all work is in accordance with state and Federal regulations, organizational policy, and accreditation/compliance requirements.
  • Assist in maintaining regulatory agency standards and regulations.
  • Performing bench work and other duties as required including shift work.
  • Maintain good communication with leadership, team members and customers
  • Other duties as assigned


Technical Supervisor Excelsior Diagnostics
Houston Tx March 2020- December 2020

  • Monitor production volume and delegate responsibilities appropriately.
  • Be the go-to-person regarding laboratory quality issues, investigate and perform appropriate corrective actions to ensure reliable patient test results to reflect company values.
  • Review laboratory SOP and update as required.
  • Familiarizing and continually learning CLIA and CAP requirements to maintain up-to-date proficiency testing.


Technical Supervisor Dascena
Houston TX July 2020- September 2020

  • Oversee all daily laboratory operations performing SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic RT-PCR testing
  • Ensure safe accurate and timely testing, review of quality control, instrument maintenance protocols that are in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Medical Genetics Technologist 3 Baylor Genetics
Houston, Tx March 2015 – March 2020 

  • Performed pre and post analytical molecular testing in sample preparation with clinical setting. 
  • Proficient in Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point.
  • Kaizen Engagement management – lead teams to accomplish 5S initiatives through mentoring


Medical Technologist Companion DX
Houston, Tx June 2014 – March 2015 

    • Pharmacogenomics testing to assist patients with medication optimization


Medical Technologist Clinical Pathology Laboratory
Austin Tx 78754 September 2013 – May 2014 

  • Pathology setting utilizing molecular techniques: testing blood and serum samples with automated technology.



Employee Engagement Committee- Plan and coordinate Lab Week activities; intra-lab education sessions- Molecular Team representative 

Laboratory Enhancement Committee- Continuous improvement through Kaizen and Lean principles; Molecular/Sanger team representative 

Employee Advisory Group- Intermediator between lab and leadership centered issues; Molecular team representative